By ; Bamigbala Adekola


“If it is not a serious issue of grave and dangerous concern, it is not easy for the government to lock down its own economy for 1 day, not to talk of 30 days.

You are losing!
I am losing!
The government is losing!
Nigeria is losing!
The whole world is losing a great deal!

The next 14 days is just another tomorrow.

It is a neccessary period of sacrifice for all of us to continue to stay safe, healthy and hopeful of a better tomorrow, lest we allow the global scourge, the COVID-19 pandemic, to spread beyond control and wipe Nigerians away enmass.

Somehow, we will all survive it.

It is better to be resting in good health and safety at home for another 14 days, which will soon expire, than to be resting in peace in the corner of a grave yard somewhere or painfully in the solitary confinement of the government treatment centers for many weeks until the situation probably would eventually ‘test’ negative someday.

Continue to stay safe!

Coronavirus is real!

It has infected about 1.8 million people and has killed more than 120,000 among them world wide and it is still killing day in day out.

Continue to go to; do what and stay where this global afflictions would pass over you.

Keep obeying the rules of the containments.

Continue to stay safe!


– Olukayode Salako.


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