By ; Bamigbala Adekola

There is no doubt that jobs will be lost and many companies will be downsizing in the next few month because of COVID 19. The question is are you ready for the implication of this shutdown.

*First, Its a crime during this season to have just one or two sources of income.* You need multiple streams of income so when one crash, you can rely on another.

Let me start with the story of Uber. *Uber as a car business was making money while UberEat wasn’t profitable, guess what Uber transport is shutdown now but Uber Eat is highly profitable.*

*Genesis 1, talks about four rivers servicing the Garden of Eden.* Four different form of current or sources of income.

You have to build various business models around you and these businesses have to be digitalised. While other companies are downsizing and firing, amazon is hiring. Netflix is richer than EXXONMOBIL. New billionaires will be made with digital technology.

1. *Get a side hussle. Either as a freelancer or in ecommerce*

There are freelancers site you can make money online. As much as $50 per article you help someone write and you can write like 4 a day. You can make as much as $100 to do a voiceover for someone on these websites.

See –

*Become skillful and share those skills online.*

To do this, you need to create a very good professional profile on the websites because the competition is high. Focus on delivery and experience.

Have Testimonials and Letters of recommendations from people you have done this for before, it attracts customers.

Offer free to fee. offer people to book your service on the website for free and get them to give you endorsement and five star rating after providing services so you can use those ratings to attract customers.

You can offer so many services from different sector on these sites.

And If you don’t have a skills, use softwares. Someone needs an app, you can use softwares Like mobimatics to build app and website. can give you template for graphic designs which you can change $30-50 for on a freelancer site. Find local talent who can do it and you charge on a freelance website.

*If you don’t evolve this season, you will dissolve.*

You need the salesman’s skill. Your technical skill is useless this season except you are a virologist.

*This season is an opportunity to rise up.*

To explore Ecommerce:

*What is the biggest needs in Nigeria today. Face mask, hand sanitiser and food*

*With 6yard of Ankara you can produce nothing less than 100 face mask. Get a local hygienic tailor and give her the job.* Ensure quality assurance.

*Upload your Ankara mask on jumia, konga,, and start selling, especially with the new south west order on facemask.*

You can’t afford to be a victim this season. Nobody will pity you, everyone is going through.

Food item is big. *Basket of tomato is 17,500. Look for farm with produce that needs marketing, start calling farms, ask what they have and start helping them sell.*

Partner with gokada to do delivery, If you want to deliver yourself.

Three strategy for new job seeker post COVID

1. Go early for job interviews and use the time to observe the company and understand the business a bit

2. At the interview, its not about you but about them. Tell them about the solution you can offer to them.

3 Tell them you are ready to resume immediately as The competition will be high.

4. Let them know its not about money, even though you are willing to work with their budget.

Its even easier for those outside Nigeria – you can deliver African food, toilet roll, sign up with uber eat.

— don’t panic, don’t let fear block your creative energy.

Learn a new skill this season. On YouTube.

*There will be aggressive push for AI and robotics. What skills can you learn today than robots cannot replace immediately.*

Thank you so much to my Guest today on CovInspiration with Dayo Israel.

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