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Dear DJ Switch @djswitch_ . Never think less of yourself, don’t cry, any one of us could have be in your situation that day and now, some of us are so close.

As a Nigerian, An adult and a member of the voting public I am not happy with the condition that got you out of Nigeria but I believe soon it will all pass and sorted. To me you are not a fugitive and this too shall pass. My prayers, concerns and spirit with you.

Seven years ago ( 23rd September, 2013 ) you offered me an invitation as your special guest to the final of 1st GLO XFACTOR because I rooted for you from beginning and I believe in your talent, I saw only a Nigerian with talent and not looking at tribe.

As God would have it you won and we celebrated together ( pictured ). Morally, I feel obliged to identify with you at this trying period especially when we all PEACEFULLY PROTEST on same cause. You are NOT alone.

Mark my word dear, YOU ARE RETURNING SOON to Nigeria, freely without fear or oppression and The World will celebrate you. Hopefully I will be there to celebrate and celebrate and celebrate with you like before. Stay safe and strong mate. Nigeria will get better, Never Loose Faith in your country dear.

Thank you #canada for coming to her aid, eternally in our debt. Till we see again. Stay safe and strong. We move.

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Yomi Fabiyi

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