The regular usage of generator had helped and it’s de merit is devasting too . An evening inferno occured at SHONOLA street Aguda Ogba in Lagos ,scope news gathered that a likely mechanical fault from a generator spark the fire after it’s repairs and it’s boomerang into a serious fire 🔥 but thanks to neighbour’s and Youths in the area who quickly helped out it’s would have become a devasting


The fire fages

situations they used Pondered soap and water to quench the fire and Lagos State Fire Service personnel from ALAUSA Ikeja came timely but they met the situation under control and they were able to support and visit the scene and section of the building before they left ….. Mechanical fault and fuel liking had caused alot of damage to building across countries and states in Nigeria ….


The House where the incident occured

There was no casuality record till it’s lasted ,scope news can report ….



The raging 🔥 fire was put out eventually I


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